terça-feira, outubro 02, 2007


Carta de uma mãe-leoa aos promotores do evento, depois da sua filha ter ido a um concerto dos Animal Collective em Filadélfia (note-se que racionalidade é, nestas questões de maternidade, coisa que não é definitivamente para aqui chamada):

You should be brought up on charges for what went down Saturday night, is this an underground cult you are running with Animal Collective?

My daughter and her friends were terrified, no security, no police, not even a show, music playing backwards and men trying to lure them away, only one door to exit out and no cab would come pick them up because the location they gave did not exist, no one ever heard of the Polaris club or the address.

What kind of scheme are you running.....

I will find someone to listen and have your organization investigated, you endangered several young adults on Saturday night.

I hope your child never goes thru what hell you put ours thru, I hope you rot in hell, or is that were your from!

(Cortesia da Pitchfork)

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